Cast (in order of appearance)


Mysterious amnesiac found naked on a mountain. He searches for clues to his past even as he tries to figure out a way to live in the present. He is scarred, in more ways than one.

Lord Paeter Kirus

Lord of Bel Rhiol and the duchy of the same name, he has taken what was once the poorest province in the Empire and turned it into a thriving state. Rumor has it he did so with less than legal practices, such as smuggling and extortion. Lord Kirus denies all such accusations, and maintains that hard work and good breeding brought about his fortuitous turn.


A mystery to many, Risole came into Lord Kirus' service only a few years ago, but has since become his closest confidant. Many envy her position and power, and rumors abound that she is some sort of mystic, a corpse stealing craven that feeds off of the dead. Rumors, Risole maintains, are outrageous things. And yet, she has never quite denied them.


Gregori Yantano - Devil Juggernaut

Gregori, also known as the Butcher of Cerona, is the leader of the Juggernauts, an elite force beholden only to the Emperor and his inner council, the Notori. A famed captain of the wars against Cestania, he was awarded the Eagle Spear when he single-handedly killed their entire royal family in Cerona. Adored by the public, he is feared by all enemies of the Empire.


Davus Kincaid - Leviathan Juggernaut

Davus was a prodigy, rising through the ranks at a young age, and was a legion commander by age 24. He was awarded the position of Leviathan after defeating Cestania's chosen champion in single combat, armed only with a short eating dagger. However, Davus is a sadist, and his position as Juggernaut allows him to indulge his whims at leisure.


Selana Kovacz - Ogre Juggernaut

It is well known that Selana is a refugee from the former Cestani kingdom. She fled into the Empire, joined the ranks of the Imperium, and excelled. A masterful tactician, she has been known to challenge generals to games of flux and win. She won her place as Ogre when the former Ogre (a general of some renown) chose to wage his legendary armor against her regulation kit. He played masterfully. She was better.


Toran Pana - Behemoth Juggernaut

Toran is a relic of an older age, when men were beast enough to contend with the Wilds. He is close to seven feet tall, and weighs 330 pounds without his armor. Toran became the Behemoth in part due to his strength of arms and skill in warfare, and in part because no one else could fit the giant armor. He has since proved himself worthy, a hundred times.

Emperor Masire I

Newly crowned after his father's illness and death, the Emperor has radically changed the policy of the Empire. He is calling for peace and trading negotiations with those nations still outside the Empire's reach. His is unpopular with many senators, and much of the populace, but still he is striving to bring about a future of which he can be proud.

Diallo Skaolin

A mercenary working for Rengert's Caravan, he is somewhat out of place by being one of the few Tibermen in Falda. He is the leader of these mercenaries, who all seem to hail from Freidheim.

Janus Ovatog

One of Diallo's men, he seems to be his lieutenant. He also seems very in command of himself, rarely saying two words when one will do. However, he does seem to make an exception for greenhorns.

Karalin du'Sein

Karalin (or Kara, as she prefers) grew up in a family of servants beholden to the Tural family. She was skilled as a seamstress and was about to enter into an apprenticeship when the plague swept through the city a year ago, her parents and much of the city were killed. Unable to find other prospects, she became a servant in the Tural manse, and Lady Tural chose her to be Mina's handmaiden.

Mina Tural

Second daughter to Lord Mayor Tural, she is elegant, graceful, mannered, and full of herself. She is the perfect lady, treating her equals with courtesy and aplumb and gracing her lessers with magisterial condescension. Mina is also sick. When the plague came through, she fell ill too. The plague killed everyone it touched. Everyone except Mina, though she still is weak and frail.

Ioldo Findane

The other of Diallo's men, he is small (though not as short as Diallo) and quick. He is a scout and knife dueller, having killed over 10 men in personal duels over the years. Quick to anger, quicker to a sharp word, he has little tolerance for fools and children.

Sven Vordhelt

A blacksmith, traveling with Rengert's caravan. He seems unusually skilled to be in such poor company, and his immense portable forge is a miracle in modern engineering. He is a quiet and seemingly bitter man.